Wgatapp is a social media platform for expressing your emotion toward phenomenon, situation, objective, opinion, decision etc which in turn makes communication to be effective, personal, encryptive, entertaining and above all educative. Here at Wgatapp, we are one big family that tries to solve problems relating to reality, decisions and issues of life. Together let us make your problem becomes our problems.

How does it work?

By commitment, determination and togetherness

Depending on what you want. For example, if you are looking forward to start a relationship. Wgatapp save you the unneccessary stress of passing through the introduction or quiescent stage and place you in a more active stage.

Using Wgatapp, you will be subjected to an action that always reproduce a reaction. So, the chances of failure is slim because you are always in charge of the situation

If you need advice concerning your study, work, relationship, marriage or issues of life in general, professional as well as non-professional counsellors are there to guild you through any problems you are facing.

Why use Wgatapp?

Below are some of our features. The moment you sign-in to our system, you can explore the rest. The benefit are limitless and it is more than a thousand words. The only way you can observe it is by becoming a member. Already there are more than 700,000+ people on the system. So what are you waiting for? Sign-in today to enjoy the below benefit!

Friends of Friends

Wgatapp makes it easy to find new friends or keep in touch with old friends. As soon as you signup for Wgatapp, you are connected to everybody.

Fluent Communication

There are 5 chatting categories which makes the conversation a never ending gist. Chat with love, chat on likes, chat on post, chat on a never ending quest

Photo Contest

The competition is getting hotter as new photos are being posted daily. See your best photos battle with others as only one winner will emerge at the end of the photo contest

Relationship and Others

Whether relationship/marriage, husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend, sex/deny, study/work, advice/counselling comedy/entertainment etc. we got you coverd as other sections are available as discussion

Download the app

Wgatapp is available on all devices but for a better user experience, it is recommended to use our android app. You can download it through the website or from google play.

Our Motivation

There is no doubt that everybody at some time pass through challenges. The neccessity of life and the hope of a better future makes these challenges become even harder. But if there is someone to lean on, someone who listens, someone who encourages, someone who motivate, someone who advice, someone who provide, someone who appreciate, someone who love and care, some one who is just there to catch you when you fall then the challenges become so simple and that is Wgatapp. Is your relationship a problem? then go to Wgatapp. Is your study a problem? go to Wgatapp. Is your career a problem? Is your finances a problem? Is your health a problem? is there any problem in your life. Then go to Wgatapp. We are one big family. Your problems is now our problem


Counselling on family planning, sex, therapy etc as well as other sections are available on Wgatapp


Photos and Videos can be posted on wgatapp. Also the communication never seems to stop with regard to our non-ending gist


PDF and Word document are available and can be downloaded from Wgatapp. Individual can post or download PDF or Word document


Take part in photo contest competition and see if your photos are photogenic enough to be crown Wgatapp champion of the day